Air Quality Solutions

VENMAR Whole House Ventilation:

Venmarsolo2Do you have lingering odors, recurring flus, aggravated allergies, and persistent coughs? Then you may have poor indoor air quality. The EPA ranks indoor air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues in the United States.

Fortunately, there is a solution...A Venmar AVS Solo whole house ventilation system expels stale humid indoor air and replaces it with equal amounts of fresh, clean, healthy air. Not only does it keep humidity levels in check, it also helps you achieve excellent indoor air quality to make your home feel more comfortable. And since the AVS Solo also works hard to filter out harmful pollutants, impurities and contaminants, you can be confident it's also protecting your family's health. Bottom line...Venmar's AVS Solo adjusts to fit your lifestyle with an exceptional level of indoor air quality. And when you consider the amount of time you spend at home, you can be confident that the Venmar's AVS Solo is a wise and healthy choice.

Altitude1With a Venmar AVS you can breath easier knowing that over 500,000 units have been installed in homes just like yours. All parts are backed by a 5 year warranty while the recovery module carries a lifetime warranty. Another feature of the Venmar AVS is that it is exceptionally quiet and comes with a complete line of wall controls.